Funeral Program Template Designs

funeral program template designsFuneral program templates are a quick and easy way to create professional looking funeral programs, memorial booklets, and celebration of life programs quickly and easily.   Funeral program templates can come in a variety of different designs, styles, layouts and colors and themes.   With so many different designs and layouts to choose from, it can be challenge to find the design that is right for your family.  Understanding the different types of funeral program template backgrounds and covers can help you select the design that will be appropriate for your service, and unique to your loved one.  This article will discuss a few common designs and themes for funeral program templates.

Selecting a Funeral Program Template Designs by Color

This is a very common way to select a template.  Many of our loved ones have a favorite color, and some families will plan a memorial service or celebration of life service with a set color theme.  Choosing a template by color is an easy way to create a program that is personal to your loved one.

funeral program template designs

Traditional Funeral Program Template Designs

Funeral program templates can have backgrounds and images that are typically associated with funerals and memorials.  Here are a few common funeral themes and symbols.  There are many funeral program templates that feature these images, clipart and symbols in their design.

Sky and Heaven Themes —  These images represent heaven or the departed loved one going on to a “better place” outside of this world.

Doves — Doves typically symbolize peace and tranquility and may also represent the Holy Spirit in some Christian faiths.

Butterflies — The butterfly symbolizes love, spirit and rebirth.

Flowers — Flowers are a very traditional way to honor a loved one who has passed.  Since flowers come in a variety of colors and types, this is a perfect way to select a floral theme that is personal to your loved one’s taste.

Religious Funeral Program Template Designs

Since many people still have funerals and memorials in churches or chapels, and many departed loved ones have religious beliefs, a religious template design can be very appropriate.  Here are a few images and symbols that are frequently used on religious designs.

Crosses  — Very Common, can come in a variety of styles

Bibles — Bibles can be uses on programs

Praying Hands —  Symbolizes prayer and worship

Saints — Very common in the Catholic Faith

Designs based on Hobbies or Careers

Many families are choosing to honor their loved ones in non-traditional ways.  Families are often choosing template designs that celebrate their loved one’s career choice, or favorite hobby.   This is especially appropriate if your loved one’s career (or hobby was a very important part of their life.  These themes and design can help focus on the positive and full life of the deceased, instead of the mourning the loss.  There are designs that feature police officers, firefighters, nurses and teachers.  You can also feature favorite hobbies such as golf, basketball, cooking, sailing and other hobbies.

Designs based on different places

If your loved one enjoyed a particular place, such as the beach or a mountain cabin, it may be fitting to choose a designs that features a scenic place.  There are many different template designs that feature landscapes such as mountains, beaches, lakes and forests.

Understanding the different themes and designs available can help you select a unique and appropriate funeral program template designs so you can make the perfect funeral program or booklet to honor your loved one’s memory.